The provision of advisory services in the field of Small (Personal or Family) Business Transfer (ToB) is a complex & sensitive process requiring careful handling by prospective advisors.

In this context, this module has been designed to guide potential business advisors to a step by step journey through the various procedures involved in a Small Business Transfer.

In particular, it will focus on the various issues arising before, during and after the transfer, on an end-to-end approach, taking into account both the potential buyers and sellers points of view.

The module is nodal to the overall course, and as such, it is directly connected with all DANAE Course A topics (ToB Psychological Parameters, Investment Appraisal, Mediation, Change Management, Strategic Alliances & Networks).

The Module includes a series of themed lectures regarding key issues in Small Business Transfer, as well as a case study designed to enhance advisors’ understanding of the topic and their ability to deal practically with the specified issues.